Aerospace Positioners Specification Sheet

Satellite Assembly Positioner

1995 Koike Aronson GE-1200-EXP three axis positioner
specifically designed as a "Satellite Assembly Tool".

In addition to the three axis of Tilt, Rotate and Elevation, this positioner is manufactured
for "Floating" on an AeroGo"Aero-Caster Air Film Load Handling System".

Some of the Facts and Features of the Extraordinary Positioner are as follows:

· Basic Positioner load capacity of 120,000 lbs at 12" Center of Gravity

· 3 Place Decimal Readouts on Tilt and Rotate axis for repeatability

· Manufactured for use in a Class 1, Division 2 hazard area

· Tilt and Rotation are servo driven variable speed axis with encoder output

· Air Floatation system for 38 ton positioner plus load

· Many Redundant Safety features for Precious Pay Load and Personnel safety

· Positioner total weight is 38 tons and has been designed to separate into 2 halves for shipment by surface or Aircraft – C5A

· Has been used to assemble one very successful 18,500 lb space vehicle which was the culmination of a Multi Billion Dollar – 15 year Project

· Complete Documentation and specifications available

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Aerospace Positioners Specifications

Aerospace Positioners Specifications

Positioner and Tap

Positioner with pay load being installed.
Variable speed powered elevation may assist loading and offloading.

Koike-Aronson GE-500, Geared Elevation, 50,000 lb Positioner

Aerospace Positioners Specifications


Koike-Aronson GE-500, Geared Elevation, 50,000 lb Positioners
"Satellite Assembly Tool"

Koike-Aronson GE-500, Geared Elevation, 50,000 lb Positioners. These are
Three Axis "Satellite Assembly Positioners" which are the same as a standard
GE-500 positioner with the addition of some "Optional Features" used in the precise manufacturing
of space satellites. These machines are in the Immaculate
Condition required in Satellite Assembly Labs.

  • 3 axes of powered movement
    • Variable Speed Rotation with 10 turn potentiometer for speed control
      • 360 degrees rotation
      • 600,000 lb/in of rotation load torque
    • Variable Speed Tilt with 10 turn potentiometer for speed control
      • 135 degrees of movement from flat to past vertical
      • 1,050,000 lb/in of tilt load torque
    • Constant Speed Lift
      • 33” of movement in elevation change
  • 50,000 lbs capacity rated at 12” off centerline rotation or distance of overhung load
  • 62” diameter faceplate
    • Machined flat surface
    • 8-3/4” inherent overhang from tilt centerline
  • 12” diameter thru-hole in faceplate
    • Offers easy access for cabling, fixturing etc. through the center of faceplate
  • White Epoxy Paint
  • Limit Switches to prevent overtravel in all axes
  • 460 V, 3 phase
  • Unit was new in 1984
  • Digital Tilt Indicator
    • Digital indication of angle of tilt, accurate to +/- ¼ degree
  • Collapsible Booting on gear sections
  • Variable Speed motors for Elevating Axis
  • Air Bearing Skid to allow “floating” type movement of entire structure if portability is needed

Aerospace Positioners Specifications

Aerospace Positioners Specifications